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Dubbing or re-recording is a post-production method utilized in video production and filmmaking in which extra language recordings are mixed with actual production sound to develop the finished soundtrack. Dubbing also refers to Translating the video content into multiple different target languages in order to make the content multilingual. So a movie/video shot in one specific language has the dialogues replaced with voice-actors speaking different languages.

What are we known for?

Multiple stages are involved in the process of Dubbing, such as method- script adaptation, directing, casting, mixing, and recording. Kalakrit provides a one step solution to all of the above mentioned stages.

  • Expertise to support all delivery formats such as MP$, WMV, MOV, MKV, AVI, etc.
  • Localization and adaptation to suit native culture and traditions.
  • Own pool of artists and post-production engineers giving us an edge on costs and quality over our competitors.

Industry Expertise

Covering industries such as market research, gaming, IT, finance, publishing, healthcare, automotive, and many more. Utilization of only native, domain-specific translators.




Market Research


IT & Software



Training & E-Learning

Social Sector Org / Not For Profits

Our Experience


Hours of Live Action movies Dubbed in Indian languages


Hours of E-learning content made multilingual (Both international and regional)


Web series Dubbed from International Languages (Korean, Spanish etc.) to English and regional Languages.

Dubbing Services

Dubbing Services

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