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It is the systematic representation of spoken language in written form. The source can either be speech or sign language. In simple words, Transcription is a process of typing or drafting the content in a form or audio or video into a textual form.

There are 2 ways of getting transcriptions:

Verbatim transcription is a type of Transcription where each and every word and non-verbal utterance is transcribed as is in the text format. Any grammatical errors, repetition or false starts are delivered without changing or any corrections. This type of transcription is mainly used by mental health professionals, law firms etc. For example, some courts use verbatim transcription for their official court records. This is because the thought process behind the words is often implicit in verbal signs such as hesitations, or repeated words or phrases.

Non-verbatim transcription is comparatively more understandable as it eliminates all repetitions, false starts and other non-verbal utterances. In this case, transcriptionists remove fillers or repetitions that occur during people’s speech patterns and also paraphrase statements so that it conveys the same idea but with more clarity. So if you are looking for a succinct and clean text that facilitates reading and understanding, go for non-verbatim transcription.

Transcriptions can be of 2 forms. They can be either Source language to source language (For eg. English to English) or Source language to Target language i.e. Transcription + Translation also known as script translation (For eg. English to French).

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